Healing the Gut with Bone Broth


What is bone broth?

What the @&*$ is bone broth and why is everyone talking about it and its medicinal benefits.  First, bone broth is simply stock!  Chicken or beef bones are usually used although you can use venison/lamb/pig etc.  They are simmered for over 24 hours or more along with vegetables/herbs etc.  The more gelatinous the broth, the more nourishing it is.  Simmering the broth breaks down the bones and bone marrow releasing calcium, phosphorus, collagen, cartilage, glucosamine, silicon, chondroitin, and essential acids including proline, glycine and glutamine.

The benefits of bone broth include:

Reduction in joint pain and inflammation– because of the chondroitin and glucosamine

Inhibits infection—“Jewish penicillin”–it apparently activates macrophages/natural killer cells/ B- lymphocytes etc that are important in the immune response to colds/viruses.

Fights inflammation–with the essential amino acids.  glycine, proline and arginine all have anti-inflammatory effects.

Promotes strong bones –because of the calcium and magnesium –collagen provides the lattice-work for mineral deposition to build strong and flexible bones

Promotes healthy hair and nail growth– this is from all the gelatin in the broth–there is even some thought that it can eliminate cellulite

There is an excellent interview here by Kaayla Daniel, PhD, CCN whom has studied “broth” for over 20 years.

Now—the quality of the soup is only equivalent to the components that you put in it–are the vegetables organic?  Are you using bones from pastured animals etc. So if you are making it yourself (the cheapest way) it is very important that you use quality, organic, non-processed ingredients.

I am now drinking bone broth for its primary benefit of healing leaky gut!  I have made my own bone broth which isn’t difficult but it is time-consuming for busy working families.

I recently ordered some bone broth from Lance Roll “The Flavor Chef” that I really love.

Buy your own bone broth HERE! —The Brothery.com

If you are interested in making your own bone broth—let me know in the comments below and I will post some good recipes!  It is much cheaper and as you know “chicken soup is good for the soul!”

I just found a new place to buy bone broth!  KETTLE AND FIRE

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10 Responses to Healing the Gut with Bone Broth

  1. Cheryl Wilson

    I am interested in recipes as I make my own broth in the crock pot. Is it good to add apple cider vinegar to the veggies while cooking the broth?

  2. kimberly

    Would love to know how to make this!! Recipes would be great!!

  3. Angela

    Working on recipes today —stay tuned!!! And yes–most that I have seen do use Apple Cider Vinegar –good stuff

  4. rick

    When you start with the bone. Make sure that the bones are covered with water. Apple cider vin. can be added and wait 2-3 hours before turning on the heat- low simmer for 48 hours. I found that the chicken bones would crumble-good- after 48 hours. After cooling and the bones are out I skim off the fat Every morning I have my cup of hot broth.
    I do season with some sea salt and herbs.

    • Angela

      Thank you! Are there any specific bones you would recommend? I have heard knuckle/short ribs or shank and or feet—any ideas?

  5. Jan mcwhirter

    Recipes yes please!

    • Angela

      2 lbs of bones (I use chicken from Simpson Family Farms-locally)
      2 bay leaves
      2 TBS apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg’s with the mother)
      pinch of sea salt
      1-2 onion
      4-5 stalks celery
      3-4 carrots
      small bunch of fresh parsley

      Place the bones in the slow cooker and pour the apple cider vinegar over them and then cover with water –place on low and cook 24-48 hours —I usually add the vegetables and herbs in the last 8 hours or so –make sure to skim the fat off the top periodically

      Then cool and drink! We use this in all recipes calling for broth as well —Store in individual containers in the freezer
      Heal that gut!!

  6. Lorraine

    I make my own weekly in my Instant Pot. I love making it this way as it gets all the goodness out of the bones and it takes so much less time. Pretty much the same recipe you have. Place it in glass jars in my fridge & sometimes the freezer if I don’t think it will get all consumed in a few days. I drink it, cook with it and some days it’s a meal with meat & vegies.

  7. Gene

    In Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y. there is a restaurant called, Core Life, they only have bone broth bowls and salad bowls made from organic and any meat is pasture fed. The company has finally opened their franchise with a goal of 300 new locations around the U.S. in next 2 years. They already have one in Columbus Ohio, Utah and Colorado. If anyone knows of an Indianapolis resident looking for an excellent franchise opportunity, please tell them of this opportunity.

    • Angela

      I wish I had more time!! I would love to franchise a place like that—You and Cheryl should do it!


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