Cheat Day –It wasn’t worth it!

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After nine days of diligently dieting, and losing seven pounds, I decided to eat things I’ve been avoiding last night. I didn’t go crazy all day, but at night I sampled three chicken wings, two beers, two Krispy Kreme donuts and a Philly Cheese Quesadilla. It was pretty fun, I have to admit. The last thing I ate though brought the fun to a screeching halt. I split an order of fried grouper nuggets and the grease felt so foreign to my stomach that I felt the need to get home and jump in bed for the night and I did!   This morning, I felt like the crap that I ate. There was a knot in my stomach that didn’t go away until nearly lunchtime. I knew what my remedy should be and got right back on the healthy eating plan…tofu peach smoothie for breakfast, white bean soup for lunch, and meatballs in red sauce (minus the pasta) for dinner. As I write this, 9:30 pm [watching a donut challenge on Food Network] I feel like my NEW self again. I like my new self and am really loving the way healthy feels.

I have to refer to a previous post by Kevin Deeth about the importance of cheat days and the pathophysiology behind them .  View the post HERE.  But, for the rest of us that don’t really care about the science behind all of this, Dee and I have put into common terms.

I admit that I have felt like Dee as recently as last week!  This weekend at the Binford Farmer’s Market, I helped my friend raise money for the Amani Foundation and ran into Darby Simpson from Simpson Family Farms (SITE HERE)–he’s my go to local farmer  who provides us with quality grass-fed meat and poultry.  He was telling me about his recent Cheat Day –Apparently, he had the same problem as Dee and I–he felt awful!  Isn’t it wonderful how the body can adapt to healthy eating and then make you pay when you cheat.  A dire warning for those starting this lifestyle change–keep the porcelain goddess nearby if you decide to cheat!

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