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Thanks again Dee—

I have been craving cheese–I know that my cravings will disappear just like my craving for sugar eventually died off.  This isn’t easy and it is a real leap of faith.  We all know that  “This too shall pass!”    I am down to 2 Diet Mtn. Dew’s per day and tomorrow, I plan to make it one!  I can do this and so can Dee!  Let’s just stay strong and not let life get us down.  We are smart, kind, and important!





I’ve been craving salt like crazy this week. I don’t even like potato chips very much but I ate them last night. The brand we bought was kind of bland and the thought actually crossed my mind to put salt on them! I’ve even eaten granulated beef bouillon on occasion when I feel like I need salt…disgusting! I guess the cravings are comparable to people who have trouble with wanting sweets. I couldn’t care less about sweets. Here is an interesting article I found online about better choices for salt cravings:

When the craving for something salty hits and you want to stick with your healthy diet, you don’t have to settle for unhealthy treats and junk food to satisfy your cravings. There are dozens of low-calorie, low fat and healthful salty snacks available, and you can stock up on these diet-friendly treats to keep hunger at bay and avoid depriving yourself between meals. Here are 10 salty snacks that will help you stick with your healthy diet plan:
a handful of pretzels. Pretzels are every dieter’s best friend, a light and crunchy snack food that will keep those cravings under control. If you want to prevent bloating, try a low-sodium or salt-free variety so that your body doesn’t retain water from the extra salt.
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