Job Hazards

Dee had a rough day!

Thank you for sharing Dee–we love you!  Hang in there!

Gosh guys, I wish I had a better success story to share with you tonight. When I started this blog last month, I thought I would go through the journey toward healthy eating and that — for better or for worse — I would at least commit to being real with you. Today I regret to inform you that I really feel like I’m failing more than winning. I had an 11-hour work day today which included two catered events at the college I work for. The photo you are looking at was my dinner tonight. It’s a Cuban sandwich, Fritos and a Diet Coke. In addition to the food I photographed, I also ate three other sandwiches and two other bags of chips. Because the day was already so messed up, I stopped at my daughter’s work and had an order of queso, chips and Dos Equis. As I was driving home, my other daughter texted me that she was hungry so I picked up a pizza. You know how the title of my blog is “getting the best of food”? Well, today, food got the best of me. The three slices of pizza was accompanied by two more bottles of really great imported beer and now it’s 11 pm and I don’t have much to write except an apology. Let me just ask this, if anyone reads this and can start to comment on wins, losses, successes, I would love to hear from you. (J&A, thanks for your notes!)

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