Katie Haun’s Story:

The seed that I was given I will sow

 What an honor to be selected to present at the annual “Women’s Health Awareness Day” at Eli Lilly and Company on May 1, 1997!  I was 46 years old.  Just months before I had completed my annual physical at Lilly with flying colors!  Those stellar physical results prompted Eli Lilly and Company to invite me to be a motivational speaker and to promote “wellness” at their annual “Women’s Health Awareness Day”.  For years I was a loan officer at Lilly and I saw first hand the boatload of financial stress that many employees carried around with them day in and day out!  My passion was financial freedom and physical wellness for all. I hoped to empower employees instead of seeing them financially stuck in jobs that robbed their joy and added stresses that could be making them sick and playing havoc with their health!

Hours before I was to walk in the auditorium to present my Financial Wellness Message at  “Women’s Health Awareness Day” I had received my own dramatic health awareness message.  I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, the kind that kills!  All I could think of during my delivery was that no one in that audience, at that moment, could possibly be more health aware than I was.

 17 years earlier I had faced a critical bowel problem!  By listening to my body I discovered my bowl problems were associated with the foods that I ate.  At age 30, I partnered with a food specialist.  It was this experience that introduced me to health food stores, purified water and a plant based diet.

 I stopped the sodas and switched to water, got off salt, ate more fruits and vegetables.  I started a daily exercise program to keep my body strong.  I studied scripture to help with stress, which gave me the necessary hope and determination to never give up.  Now I was getting stronger physically and spiritually and that combination provided a strong mind allowing me to stay competitive in a more than competitive world!

 I was doing all the right things and was still diagnosed with breast cancer detected from a screening mammogram but missed during my previous annual physicals.  I didn’t understand how was this possible when there was no history of cancer in my family.  And I didn’t know if I was prepared physically, mentally, spiritually and financially for this challenge.  Why?  Was this a test or  “could all of this be a ‘God thing’”?

 The doctor began telling me what I had to look forward to.  “You will have to go through four rounds of standard chemotherapy, plus a day and a half of aggressive chemotherapy that will be 6-7 times stronger than standard and then three days of chemotherapy that will be 9-10 times stronger than standard.  Following chemotherapy we will collect your stem cells and freeze them.  Our mission is to kill every cell in your body, literally, take you near death with massive amounts of aggressive chemotherapy and then re-infuse your stem cells back into your body.  After going through the stem cell transplant, you will have six weeks of radiation and then you will be on a cancer drug for five years.  This program gives you a 55% chance to live for five years and by the way, 1 in 100 women die going through the process.  Did we mention this protocol is experimental and we are not sure your insurance will cover anything?  Will you be financially able to pay”?  How would you and your family respond? 

 The preview continued.  “Oh, by the way, you will be in isolation for a minimum of 23 days, and probably remain in bed for two months, along with having mouth sores and did we mention complete hair loss along with your eye lashes and eye brows!  Finally, we will be serving you burned T.V. dinners so there will be no bacteria on the food that you eat while your immune system is being compromised”.

 That day I cried and cried!  I knew it was nutrition that would bring back a very sick body that was going to be made sicker by more drugs, chemotherapy and “burned T.V. dinners”.  Recalling my previous victory with my stomach issues I decided I would need to once again become proactive and boost my body for battle.  I grabbed the phone, sought out and partnered with an unconventional doctor that looked at the whole person, the mind, the body, and the spirit.

 The plan was pure and simple, “first we’ll fight chemotherapy, and then we’ll fight radiation and then we’ll rebuild your body, all through nutrition”.  This was going to take time and I had a lot to learn.

 Over an eight-year period I learned all I could about health food and the supplement industry.  I studied the industries of poultry, meat and fish.  I learned about the effects of purified water, safe detoxification, sleep, our environment, heavy metal toxicity, clean air, electro pollution, stress, positive relationships and the power of prayer!  I discovered nearly everyone has cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in their body by middle age, but not everyone develops cancer.  The difference can be in the robustness of one’s immune system.  Man-made pharmaceuticals and supplements are not always enough to aid our body’s defense.  Whole food itself has tremendous powers to heal the body.  We are not as vitamin and mineral deficient as commercials tell us; we are however, very whole food deficient!  I was taking 65 supplements a day yet during my battle yet both my NK cells, natural killer cells or cancer fighting cells, and T-cells, viral fighting cells, remained at basically zero despite years of blood testing and spending over $140,000 trying to boost my immune system.

 Eventually, I was introduced to Juice Plus, a whole food fruit, vegetable, and berry supplement (real food).  The combination of taking Juice Plus and safe IonCleanse detoxification protocol finally help bring my NK and T-cells into a normal range!

 Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine coined the phrase “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.   He also authored the Oath of Medical Ethics taken by physicians today as they begin their medical practice!  Hippocrates held the belief that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts.  He believed in the natural healing process of rest, a good diet, fresh air and cleanliness.  He noted that there were individual differences in the severity of disease symptoms and that some individuals were better able to cope with their disease and illness than others

 We have 125 medical schools in our nation and only 35 of those schools offer classes in nutrition. Therefore, it is up to us to take some “Ownership” of our nutritional health and that is exactly what I did.  I walked away from my corporate career and went back to school, became certified as a natural health care professional and opened an affordable “wellness center” in our home.  I now train and teach others on a local, national and international level about whole food healing and prevention. I believe it comes down to food being our preventive medicine and Juice Plus bridges the gap for people who do not get the necessary variety of 9-13 servings of vine-ripe raw fruits, vegetables and berries in their bodies each day.  Juice Plus provides 26 varieties.

 I also now own a Tower Garden, which is a new Juice Plus product. Through the use of this innovative idea, I will be able to supply my family with home grown, vine-ripe whole food on a year round basis.

 Sometimes you do have to look backwards to understand how you got where you are!  In gratitude, I look back to the person who cared enough about me to share a whole food product called Juice Plus.  That spirit of gratitude energized me to share Juice Plus with Dr. Angela Henriksen, who now shares Juice Plus and the Tower Garden with her family and patients.  Dr. Angela not only took the Hippocratic Oath but practices letting food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food each and every day.