Finding a New Primary Care Doctor

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The Rollercoaster of Life

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Sheltering at Home/Covid 19

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Turmeric Health Benefits

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Sherry's Story

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Pharmacy to Farmacy

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Thanks again to Kevin Deeth for another great post!  The timing of this information is perfect considering the heightened awareness of processed foods and their toxicity to our bodies.  All of our low-fat diet foods are simply free radicals gone wild!  Old cousin Joe (see Free Radical post) is throwing an all nighter in our guts when we eat these foods!  Remember that the Adkins diet may have seemed great at the time, however Dr. Adkins is now unfortunately deceased.  Vitality is the key–focus on lifestyle changes, not dieting!

Kevin writes:

I read a great article on the Wall Street Journal that inspired this post.

Over the last 20 years marketers and food manufactures have coaxed consumers into believing that the cause of rising obesity rates is due to our surplus fat intake. Consumers make choices they believe are healthy based on “healthy labels” when in fact they are not.We’re bombarded with supposedly guilt-free options: baked potato chips, fat-free ice cream, low-fat candies, which people think are healthy options because they are marketed as “low-fat” or “natural”. Yes, a high amount of saturated fat and trans fat is not good, but healthy fats such as the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega-3s have the opposite effect and are essential to a healthy/well-balanced diet.

Myth: All fats are equal—and equally bad for you.

Fact: Saturated fats and trans fats are bad for you because they raise your cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease. But monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are good for you, lowering cholesterol and reducing your risk of heart disease.

Myth: Fat-free means healthy.

Fact: A “fat-free” label doesn’t mean you can eat all you want without consequences to your waistline. Many fat-free foods are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and calories.

Myth: Eating a low-fat diet is the key to weight loss.

Fact: The obesity rates for Americans have doubled in the last 20 years, coinciding with the low-fat revolution. Cutting calories is the key to weight loss, and since fats are filling, they can help curb overeating.

In recent years people have started to figure out that fat may not be main contributor to rising obesity rates, but a surplus of processed carbohydrates may actually be at the forefront of our problems. Cue, the “low-carb” diets where consumers restrict carb intake to under 100g/day. A recent article published by the Wall Street Journal claims that “A diet based on healthy carbohydrates—rather than a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet—offers the best chance of keeping weight off without bringing unwanted side effects”… and I couldn’t agree more.

The Study

Goal:  The study was designed to look at the impact of the three diets on measures of energy expenditure, in addition to assessing hormones, fat levels in the blood and other health markers.

  • Participants followed a low glycemic food plan that focused on  fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. The Study explains while people who follow a low-carb diet also lose weight effectively, they have trouble keeping it off and encounter unwanted side effects.
  • Participants were placed on one of three diets for a month: a low-fat diet limiting fats to 20% of total calories; a low-carbohydrate diet modeled on the Atkins diet, limiting carbohydrate intake to 10% of total calories; and a low-glycemic-index diet, which contained 40% of total calories from carbohydrates, 40% from fats and 20% from protein. Participants were then switched to the other two diets during two additional four-week periods.


  • “The low-fat diet had the worst effect” on energy expenditure, Dr. Ludwig said. Participants on that diet also had increases in triglycerides, a type of fat, and lower levels of so-called good cholesterol. “We should avoid severely restricting any major nutrient and focus on the quality of the nutrient,”
  • The low-carb diet had the biggest boost in total energy expenditure, burning about 300 calories more per day than those on the low-fat diet—about the same as an hour of moderate exercise. But that bump came at a cost: increases in cortisol, a stress hormone, and a measure of inflammation called CRP, which can raise the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.
  • Those on the low-glycemic-index diet burned about 150 calories a day more than those on the low-fat diet without any negative impacts on cholesterol levels or various hormones, making it the ideal diet, Dr. Ludwig said. The glycemic index measures the impact of carbohydrates on blood-sugar levels.

Conclusion and Takeaway

A balanced diet filled with healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates is ideal for loosing weight and keeping it off. Yes a low-carb diet can be effective, but you may develop other health risks, suffer from low energy levels, and risk  putting weight back on. Carbohydrates are used by our body as energy that can help sustain an efficient and worth-while workout. If your workout is jeopardized due to an nonavailability of adequate energy levels from carbohydrates then your exercise goals are compromised. Just to clarify; I am not advocating people go load up on pasta, breads, cereals, and other processed carbs. The key is to make sure the carbohydrates you do consume all come with a healthy dose of fiber and protein with a low glycemic index from things like fruit, vegetables, minimally processed oats and whole grains.

My Favorite Carb Sources


Steel Cut Oats

Black Beans


Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any comments or questions.

From South Bend,

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The Celebration Diet

Our friend Kate Chaplin has a charming book entitled “The Celebration Diet” that is a welcome addition to any plan to get healthy.  This blog embraces the mind, spirit, and body.  After all, how can your body be healthy when your mind is cluttered by stress and you start losing faith and spirit?  Kate offers some great ideas on how to center your mind to help improve your overall health!  You can purchase a copy at  Here is an excerpt worth reading.  Thanks Kate for making a difference!





“Every January, I make a resolution to lose weight. The year starts with great progress; I am eating healthy and exercising. There are a few holidays and birthdays of long distance friends and relatives, but no parties or triple-layered chocolate cakes to dodge. Then BAMB! We are in February through June, otherwise known as my “weight gaining season”.

Valentine’s Day is the warm up. Some flowers and a few chocolates but I am still on track. What I do not realize is that the Ides of March are fast approaching. In which lies my father’s birthday and my birthday. Somewhere in March, there will be cake and ice cream. I think to myself, “It’s my birthday, I deserve a treat.”

No sooner do I reward myself than my anniversary approaches. “We have to celebrate our anniversary at a nice restaurant” I say. A few glasses of wine later the power to resist the sweets, fats and carbs are fading away.

May comes along with my husband, daughter, and brother’s birthday and they will definitely want cake and why not they each weigh a buck-twenty. Soon Mother’s Day approaches which inevitably will be a repeat of Valentine’s Day filled with flowers and candy. Before I know it, swimsuit season is upon us and I have gained at least ten pounds. It’s the celebrations that kill me. I knew I had discovered my Achilles heel and I had to come up with a way to celebrate without food”

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Deception in the Food Industry

Watch this little tidbit!  Very informative!

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Thanks Dee–sometimes we have to let go of the plans we have in mind for the day and just let life be the journey that it can be–it’s not easy but we have to take care of ourselves!  Life never goes as we plan it!  If we worry about the trashed house, we just trash our own minds!  Take care of  you!  



Today has been quite peaceful, in an unusual way. We had a couple of extra kids sleep over so I made big plates of pancakes, cleaned up. Started a pot roast in the crock pot, read a quarter of Catching Fire (after reading The Hunger Games in the last two days, then went to the grocery twice and ended up with dirty dishes spread from one end of the kitchen to the other. The peaceful part of the day was that I let the messes come and go, from good to bad then spotless again. Kids came and went throughout the day too and I managed to sit in a rocking chair for a couple of hours straight while my house was trashed and read — without needing to clean it all up first. My family knows this is very unlike me, it was fun. We had “Family Dinner #2” and everything is washed and stowed away. I’m going back to read more.

About the wellness blog: wellness is so much more than food. It’s about balance, wellness in spirit and body and mind. You’ve heard me mention throughout these weeks that when my emotions are wrecked, my good intentions for healthy food are derailed as well. I’m glad to report that I am eating the right things, avoiding junk food and happy about approaching this project with a well-rounded objective.

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You are what you eat

This cartoon is so hilarious, I shouldn’t even write anything to go with it. But I will. What prompted me to look for a graphic for this post is a memory I have of eating a hot dog and chips for lunch before I started the new eating plan. I drive and walk past this food cart every day and one day, I walked down with my $2 and got a hot dog, chips and a Diet Coke. I went back to my desk to eat and afterward I remember thinking “I feel like a hot dog.” The rest of the day I felt sluggish and gross. Since starting this blog, I’ve been paying close attention to the signals my body gives me when I eat well and when I don’t. Healthy food is starting to be my new normal, so when I eat some of my old comfort foods they are a bit of a shock to my system. Many times, if the food is greasy, it actually makes me sick.

Here’s something fun I’ve just started doing, I can now visualize myself as a skinny person. Actually the visualization I have is that I’m athletic, great biceps and quads. I can’t wait!

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Kate Chaplin is a mom!  She aspires to pursue her passion for filmmaking, but is challenged by the economic demands of society.  She is currently filming her dream “Ingenue”.  Kate has chosen to follow her desires and be true to herself.  She made the decision to maintain her values during her journey in life.  Her goal is honorable and she is enacting her dreams within a timeframe that she can still afford;  offering her children an education, and remaining respectful to the morals only she was able to instill in them.   “Life is a journey, not a destination.” —-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Meet Kate Chaplin:

“When my oldest was born I promised her that she could be anything she wanted in this world. If she came to me at age 15 and said she wanted to be a magician I wanted to have the courage and the knowledge to say “yes, let’s learn what we need to learn to have you be the best magician you can be and make a living at it.” But I knew I could only do this if I truly gave it everything at my dream and showed them that it was worth fighting for.

Since a young age I wanted to work in film. I thought of it as the Wonderful World of OZ. I wanted to live behind the curtain where men pulled the strings. At the time I had my first daughter, I wasn’t persuing my dream of working in film. I was a stay at home and I was determined to be the best stay at home mom I could be – but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel whole.

Then I made a deal with my husband. I would stay at home with our children (I have two girls now) and pursue my creative dreams of writing and filmmaking. If by the time they were both in school full time and I was not making money, I would return to the standard workforce.

Over the last 7 years I have tried my hardest to balance my company, Karmic Courage Productions, and my family life. It’s a hard balance but I’ve been able to manage. In that time I’ve published 2 books (The Belief Test, The Celebration Diet), 13 short film projects, and worked on over 30 freelance film projects. None of it I can make a steady living on. The work is risky, I’ve been attached to more projects that get cancelled due to fundraising than I’ve actually worked on.

It’s now coming up on the eve of both of the girls being in full time school. I have till Fall 2013 to hope for a miracle or get ready to say goodbye.

I knew that if I looked back 50 years from now I’d regret never making a feature film. So this summer, which maybe the last big project I get to do, I’m making Ingenue. It’s a film I’ll be able to show my daughters when they ask again, “What did you want to be when you grow up?” I’ll be able to say whether I am currently working in an office cubical or flippin’ burgers that I tried, I gave it everything I had and it was worth fighting for. Fighting for your dreams is always worth it.

Odds are filmmaking and writing will never truly leave me, regardless of what happens this year.  I’m sure I’ll find weekends to make something small and fun but it won’t be a career. I’d be trading in the idea of making indie feature films for earning my kids college money. And I’m okay with that because when it comes down to it, I’m a mom.

But I’m not giving up without one hell of a fight. I’m going to put my heart and soul into Ingenue this summer. I’m so excited about this project, it’s themes and story fuel me. It’s the story that’s been hiding in me since I started this journey. It’s the cornerstone of everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve fought for. It’s the perfect piece to see if I can make some kind of money in this crazy film business.

Please, if you’ve dug my work. If you like what I’ve stood for: compassion, human rights, family and strong female characters, please continue to support me. Like Ingenue’s page on facebook, donate to our campaign (ends May 22), see my filmsbuy the DVD’s, or write me a note.

Win, lose or draw it’s going to be an awesome year. Because of you, my kids and my family I’ve gotten this far and I truly appreciate every moment of it.”

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Let’s be Real

Dee–you are so wonderful, I can hardly believe you are actually human–Any person that can put themselves out there being real and honest deserves to be praised!  Let us all learn a good lesson from Dee–it’s ok to be human, we are all imperfect.  Trying to be something that you aren’t never actually pays off in the long run!  Be yourself, accept your flaws, and flaunt your positive attributes!  We all have something to offer this crazy world!
Dee writes:
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been more focused on diet and nutrition than ever before. I’ve been publicly posting all of my ups and downs with some helpful tools and informative stats along the way. Unfortunately, I have not lost weight yet. I do, however, know why and what needs to happen for that challenge to be successful. I’m a bit discouraged, but I warned you that this journey would be real and — most importantly — I will not give up.
Here is what I have learned and what I’ve done RIGHT:
  • Made fruits and veggies the primary part of my diet
  • Greatly reduced sugar, white breads, fats, alcohol
  • Eliminated white pasta and white rice (except for a bit of sushi)
  • Started walking and AM yoga, barely, but started
  • Started reducing beef and pork
  • Switched from dairy milk to almond, rice and coconut milk
Here is what needs to CHANGE:
  • Still getting too many calories by eating crap at night after a good day of healthy eating
  • Still drinking beer, although half as much, still too much
  • Still eating/drinking out of boredom and stress
  • Still craving and eating salty late-night snacks
  • Not enough exercise
  • Not enough water
Bottom line — make good nutritional choices, exercise and watch portion control! If you do one or two of these things but not all three, you will not be successful. I’ve had days where I’ve eaten a very healthy diet OR days where I’ve limited calories to 1200 OR days where I’ve squeezed in aerobic exercise. But the only days where I’ve had some fleeting results were those when I managed to tackle all three.
We all face challenges.  The journey is never easy.  Many are picked, few are chosen to succeed.  You can be the difference.  Why?   Because you are smart, you are kind, and YOU are important!
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Lunchable Makeover (Pinterest Style)

Here is some makeover advice from crafty Dee  (a fellow Martha Stewart wanna-be)

If you look at the ingredients of a Lunchable, you will see that NOTHING in the container is nutritionally sound. In fact, eating the cardboard would likely be less offensive to a kid’s digestive system than the food contents. For example, there is a turkey-cheese-cracker combo. Let’s break that down: the turkey is processed, high in sodium, cheese is high fat, calorie rich and the cracker contains partially hydrogenated oils in addition to super refined white grains (good grain stripped of it’s value to be smoother and tastier). Sometimes there is a small candy bar, no comment necessary and a pouch of Hawaiian Punch aka sugar water. Whew! I’m done ranting.

Here is the appeal of a Lunchable to kids, it looks cute. The portions are small and fun for kids to put together and play with. The idea of a Lunchable is similar to an Asian Bento box and you can create some similarly fun boxed lunches but with much more good health inside than the processed junk.

These are some of my favorite ideas:

Sandwiches – Cut the crusts off (save them to make homemade breadcrumbs) and cut the sandwich into quarters. Pampered Chef makes a cute Cut ‘N’ Seal that cuts crust and seals the sandwich all at once. My girls used to love them. (click here for my PC website) Fill sandwiches with some sugar-free jam and a touch of peanut butter or tuna salad. Also use whole wheat mini pitas for petite sandwiches.

Fruit – Cut fruit into small shapes and put them on skewers, reminding your kids that they are not to be used for sword fights when the skewers are empty (use a coffee stirrer if you’re nervous about pointed objects). If your kids like to dip, you can make an awesome fruit dip out of yogurt with a touch of brown sugar. If you need to slice apples in advance, coat them lightly in lemon juice to prevent browning.

Peanut Pasta – This pseudo-Asian snack is fun and easy, slightly dilute some peanut butter with water and mix into spaghetti or angel hair, finish with some sesame seeds and dice in some green/red pepper if you can get away with it.

Veggies -Be creative with colors and shapes. For example, score a cucumber with a fork before slicing and you get a pretty shape around the edges, cut carrots into matchsticks and fill celery with light cream cheese coated with sunflower seeds. Dip is fun here too. If you mix some dry salad dressing mix like Good Seasons or Hidden Valley with yogurt you may even get those health benefits without them catching on that it’s not high-fat Ranch.

If you like these ideas and want more kid-friendly recipes, let me know by sending an email and I’ll send you more (without putting you on a mass mailing email list…I promise.)

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Salty Snacks

Thanks again Dee—

I have been craving cheese–I know that my cravings will disappear just like my craving for sugar eventually died off.  This isn’t easy and it is a real leap of faith.  We all know that  “This too shall pass!”    I am down to 2 Diet Mtn. Dew’s per day and tomorrow, I plan to make it one!  I can do this and so can Dee!  Let’s just stay strong and not let life get us down.  We are smart, kind, and important!





I’ve been craving salt like crazy this week. I don’t even like potato chips very much but I ate them last night. The brand we bought was kind of bland and the thought actually crossed my mind to put salt on them! I’ve even eaten granulated beef bouillon on occasion when I feel like I need salt…disgusting! I guess the cravings are comparable to people who have trouble with wanting sweets. I couldn’t care less about sweets. Here is an interesting article I found online about better choices for salt cravings:

When the craving for something salty hits and you want to stick with your healthy diet, you don’t have to settle for unhealthy treats and junk food to satisfy your cravings. There are dozens of low-calorie, low fat and healthful salty snacks available, and you can stock up on these diet-friendly treats to keep hunger at bay and avoid depriving yourself between meals. Here are 10 salty snacks that will help you stick with your healthy diet plan:
a handful of pretzels. Pretzels are every dieter’s best friend, a light and crunchy snack food that will keep those cravings under control. If you want to prevent bloating, try a low-sodium or salt-free variety so that your body doesn’t retain water from the extra salt.
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See– Dee is real and still needs shoes!

Ok–I think Dee told you in her first post that she was 49 years old!  Really Dee?????   I don’t know if you guys agree or if I’m insane, but I swear that Dee looks amazing ;   I would never guess her to be 49!  This makes me more excited for Dee because I am  totally pumped to get her some amazing heels to show off her hot body in about 6 months from now.   I plan to fly down to Florida to congratulate her on taking the plunge out of a leap of faith for me!  This whole food diet will transform her and yes, dammit –take another 10-20 years off  of her already youthful image.  I am eating healthy, but my years of Diet Mountain Dew have left me with more wrinkles than Dee has pruned up after soaking in a hot tub for 10 hours.  I guess I will have to do before and after picture as well –then you all can decide if Dr Oz really needs to turn me over to the plastic surgeons!  FYI–that could be a bumpy ride.

Thanks Dee for sharing once again!  The patients and followers of the site are all a buzz about how you are doing and what an amazing woman you  are!  Keep on keeping on!!!


It’s Sunday night, I’m sitting down to write my blog, and I don’t have a story for you. I decided to take my picture. I don’t like taking my picture, but you will need to see it eventually in my before and after shots. And I don’t really have a great wellness story to tell you tonight. I’m feeling a bit tired but just because I started cleaning my house at 9:30 this morning, 10 hours ago. I just sat down for the first time today and feel very relaxed and peaceful. For some reason, a clean house to me goes a long way in making any day a good day. My girls are out with friends for the night, husband is horizontal on the couch and the cat just brought a lizard through her kitty door. I plan to sit down and look through some scrapbooks I made last summer and write some thorough things-to-do lists on my laptop tonight. The most important thing going on in my life right now, is that both of my daughters are about to leave high school in six weeks. The 18 year old is a graduating senior and the 16 year old was accepted into an Early College program that lets her earn her high school diploma concurrently with her AA degree. Neither of them likes high school much, girls are really, really mean. It’s such a different world that teens live in now. Even if they want to avoid the other kids that are giving them a hard time, they can’t. They are connected through Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter and cell phone texts. One quick note about my health quest, I have been walking two miles at the beach and I reached the point where I don’t feel out of breath. That’s a good goal to reach.

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