Finding a New Primary Care Doctor

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The Rollercoaster of Life

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Sheltering at Home/Covid 19

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Turmeric Health Benefits

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COVID 19 Precautions

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Natural Tips for Avoiding Colds

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Sherry's Story

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Pharmacy to Farmacy

Many of you may know Erin-- the fabulous Pharm D that worked in our office a few years back.  Erin is a phenomenal gal and we embarked on the journey  into natural medicine around the same time.  As we both Read more


Holy Moly that Basil is Healthy!


It’s finally time to plant annuals outdoors! Shop at farmers markets and grocery stores to find many herb and vegetable plants. I bought the potted basil plants pictured below for only $2.99 at Trader Joe’s. I’ll separate and transplant all the plants into containers resulting in 10-12 very inexpensive basil plants. Did you know that there are many basil varieties including lemon, lime, cinnamon, and Greek, in addition to the standard Genovese and sweet basils? Try making a pesto recipe with several varieties and it’ll knock your socks off!

Basil essential oil, which is a very concentrated form extracted from the flowering tops and leaves, is an analgesic, antidepressant, antifungal, antispasmodic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, insect repellant and muscle relaxant. It’s a natural remedy that smells and tastes great, too! It boosts the flavor of cooked food and smoothies plus adds a kick to plain water.

Visit my new website,, to purchase basil essential oil through the Young Living banner.

And here’s a basil tip – don’t refrigerate it or it’ll turn brown in a hurry. Instead, cut the stems and put them in water at room temperature to keep basil alive until you’re ready to use it. And try fresh basil leaves in your infusers.

Make it a vital day!

Bea White

My book, Bring Back Vitality, is available from, and

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How Can I Grow My Own Vegetables If I Don’t Own a Home?

So you all know that I have been trying to sell my house for the last three years.  The market has been bad and now people just want a brand new remodeled  kitchen!  I love my ancient kitchen because I can cook real food on my ancient appliances.  And, I have an ancient garden with all my herbs and veggies that I need for my family’s Paleo lifestyle that I am slowly adapting them to.   That being said- I think it is important to be able to grow fruits and veggies in any home environment that you have.    If you don’t live in a house that you can garden and cultivate then consider getting a tower garden

I’m starting my seeds today for cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, basil and I think I’ll add some peppers, and cilantro!  We are moving so I have no reservations about planting my tower garden because I can take it with me!  This thing rocks!  It has been featured at Epcot for years now and represents some amazing technology!  I’ll post pics of my seedlings when they sprout and take you thru the easy process of starting your own garden.


To learn more about tower garden click HERE



What is Tower Garden®?

Tower Garden Install

Tower Garden® by Juice Plus+® is a state-of-the-art vertical

aeroponic  growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios,

balconies–any relatively sunny place outside. It grows vegetables,Fresh Strawberries

herbs, flowers, and many fruits in less time than it

takes in soil.

Tower Garden® gives you more control over your family’s

health by making it easy to grow fresh, nutritious produce.

It’s healthier!

Eating more fruits and vegetables is the best way to get the

nutrition you need to be healthy. By providing vine-ripened

produce right outside your back door, Tower Garden® makes

it convenient to eat more fresh, healthy food.

Tower Garden® produce is also better-tasting, better-looking–

even better-smelling–so your family, including the kids,

will want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

You can grow up to 20 plants with your standard Tower

Garden®. Pick your family’s favorites, from gourmet lettucesBaby Cucumbers

to luscious tomatoes, strawberries, and melons.

It’s easier!

With Tower Garden®, there’s no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or

getting dirty. Assembly is easy, and its compact design fits

almost anywhere. Plus, it comes with everything you need

to start growing.

Each 5-foot-tall Tower Garden® holds 20 plants. Because of

the patented aeroponic growing system, the plants will

grow in less time than it would take in soil, so you get more

produce for less work.

Plus, when you purchase Tower Garden®, you get a full range

of customer support at your fingertips–including guidance

from your Tower Garden® representative and a comprehensive

online Resource Center–to help ensure you will have aDwarf Cherry Tomatoes

successful growing experience.





It’s smarter!

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Juicing for Vitality and Health

juicingHere is a quick unsolicited testimonial on how important nutrition is to health!  Thanks to a dear friend for allowing me to share his story.


juice pic

Over the past year, I have come to realize how important nutrition is to my body. About three years ago I started feeling awful nearly every day. It got worse and worse and I finally went to my doctor and described the symptoms. He sent me in for a CAT scan of my head and neck and a week later dropped the bomb on me. I had Multiple Sclerosis. An MRI and lumbar puncture confirmed it. I met with my neurologist and he gave me information on drug injection therapy, but never once mentioned nutrition. I began reading posts about MS and nutrition and talked to a man in Florida that was near suicidal with MS pain at one time. No drug therapy worked and he was about to end his own life from the constant pain. He could barely walk and his hand and arms trembled so badly every day.

His wife convinced him to start pounding his body with nutrition. He began juicing 5-8 veggies and drinking Monavie every day. Over the next 90 days he started to heal and now 2 years later, continuing this diet along with exercise, he walks 18 holes of golf and is 95% normal.

About the time I heard of this, someone very special to me (Kathy C) introduced me to a few Netflix videos. I watched them over and over and it all finally clicked! I began discussing this with my good friend Dave S and as a PhD research scientist, I figured I’d introduce the concept and listen to his opinion. He watched them and read and came back with “I’m going to try it”. He bought an Omega 8000 juicer after much research and began juicing. He lost over 20 lbs in about 2-3 weeks and simply felt SO much better.

I logged on Amazon and bought my Omega 8000 and began juicing that week. Wow, the first 3 days were hard. I did supplement with fish, brown rice and beans and some hard veggies, but for the most part, I just drank the green juice. I felt lousy for 3 days as my body was detoxing. About day 4 I started to get this “high” and started feeling better. It’s been a few months and I feel GREAT! I struggle to keep weigh ON… and know if this was a drug, I could make millions. Instead I simply did this… I started telling people my story and hence the reason for this page. I now directly or indirectly know of over 30 people who now juice because of the Pay it Forward advice I’ve given (and been given) and I just ask you pass this on. Feel free to repost this page and share your comments.

If you are serious about feeling better, here is what you need to do:

fat and sick

Watch on NetFlix in this order
5. Buy a juicer and PLEASE only buy an auger based, masticating juicer like the Omega 8005. The Jack LaLanne juicers and such are Centrifugal, while much faster and fine for fruit, do a terrible job on the 2 most important veggies, Kale and Spinach. The slow / auger based technology maximizes the juice extracted. Last week we did a side by side comparison and it was comical the difference in efficiencies. You can get the Omega on Amazon for about $260. I’ve never found it in a retail store.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
2. Dying to Have Known (also on YouTube)
3. The Gerson Miracle (also on YouTube)
4. The Beautiful Truth (also on YouTube)

This page explains the differences in juicers:

6. Find a local grocer that provides fresh produce and buy organic when you can. I’ve posted what I juice and what works for me. I plan to start changing it up soon. This post shows so many great foods to juice.

7. Start drinking… esp on an empty stomach in the morning. You will quickly find it’s a great substitute for caffeine. If you plan on doing a juice fast, consult your doctor. Try to drink it within hours of juicing, but if left in the fridge, keep in an air tight container to reduce oxidation. Never go more than 2 days in the fridge. I juice every evening so it’s cold and ready for me in the am.

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Take these broken wings—

For all of  you who enjoyed the previous post about suicide prevention –see the post HERE.  Here is a quick update on Lucy and Maggie’s story: Lucy (Maggie’s childhood friend) and my dear friend got her 1st tattoo this weekend.  Her parents weren’t keen on the idea but told her that she could get one when she turned 18.  Lucy (now 18) got her first tattoo in honor of Maggie’s favorite Shakespeare quote!


“The course of true love never did run smooth”  

Maggie’s spirit continues to live on in so many of us that hardly even knew her.  Some spirits just leave their mark in this way.

Wayne Dyer says that we are spiritual souls inhabiting a human existence and I can’t help to believe that when I experience such profound emotion over a child I barely knew.  We were obviously soulful connections.


It’s strange but this last week has been filled with interesting circumstances and spirit filled interactions that I am compelled to share.  Some of these were some pretty incredible near death experience stories.


One of my favorites is the minister that had a fatal car accident.  His car was a literal accordion and he was pronounced dead on the scene after being hit by a semi.  The paramedic’s tried to get him out of the car for approximately 2 hours.

A man (also a minister) pulled up to the scene and asked the medics if he could climb in the car and pray for the man.  He had driven by and felt a sudden inclination to pray for the accident victim.

Annoyed, the medics told him that the victim had been dead for over 2 hours but they eventually allowed him to enter the scene.  The minister climbed in while the medic continued to  work at getting the dead man out.  The minister  prayed over the shoulder of the man he could not see for about 10 minutes.  After around 10 minutes, the man began to sing “What a friend we have in Jesus”.  He had no idea why, but he felt compelled to sing.  Then —– he heard another voice chime in and thought how wonderful it was that a medic was singing with him.   He stopped and the voice continued.   Suddenly, the shoulder he was holding began to move.—

Yes- the victim was singing!  The medics continued to work feverishly at this point and as they pulled the victim out of the car, the minister realized that it was his best friend.

I have a patient in the last 12 years whose spirit honestly connected with mine.  We were kindred spirits right at the beginning of our journey together.  The story about Ric is so amazing that I struggle to put words to its content.  Ric was diagnosed with cancer just about a year after my conscience decision to transform my  practice into a nutritional/functional health approach.  He was 100% on board to heal himself of his disease and was confident and supportive of the unconventional decision that I had made.  There was no judgement-he supported me unconditionally.   He lost weight, ate right, and Damn-he even watched the CRAZY SEXY CANCER video in the office with me!  I was thrilled to have a patient listen and I was sure he was cured after his chemo and radiation.  He claimed that the Cancer would never win the War.

Unfortunately, Ric died this last year.  I had the opportunity of seeing his brother whom was his caregiver throughout his final days.  On Friday, we spoke of a dream that his kindred spirited brother had before his final days.  The dream was as follows and is paraphrased of course.  He saw his brother in his most healthy, strong, and happy states the first two nights.  He was mid 20’s, smiling, robust, and full of energy and vitality.  On the third night, his brother looking wonderful, sat with friends and family and announced that cancer won the battle but he won the war.

His brother was confused by this notion, however, the day after Ric’s life here had ceased—-His brother looked back on the tired, cancer ridden body lying in a hospital bed spiritless and realize that it was all true.  Cancer did win the battle –but the spirit of Ric had certainly won the war and left some pitiful remains—–

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Loving the Unsolicited Feedback!

“Dr Angela,

Just thought that you would like to know that I have been mostly gluten-free since Friday when I saw you.

I have a had a few moments when I did indulge but I am happy to report that I am already 7 pounds lighter! I am so happy and I noticed that my feet are not as swollen anymore.

I could actually lace my shoes tighter!

This is a big deal for me because for the last 2 years putting on my shoes has been a daily reminder of the weight I was gaining and risk I was putting my health in.

I have also cut caffeine completely.

My GI issues also seem to have been greatly improved.

This has been such a blessing.

Thank you”



Need I say more?  I love that this is really happening for patients!  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  Have I told you lately that sooooo many patients are getting better with this “Food is thy Medicine” thing.  Quackery, it is not.  This sh&% really works!!


Don’t worry-I plan to keep annoying and preaching to you regularly.   I honestly think that hearing the results from other patients is much more inspiring than hearing me preach to you.   So Game On!  Look forward to more inspiring patient stories!


Also, please realize this is really hard for my family and I as well.  Staying healthy is expensive, takes a lot of effort, and isn’t fun.  Jeez, it’s almost a full-time job.  Caving into guilt and exhaustion this last week,  I took both of my girls to McDonald’s for dinner (YUCK).   That must be rock bottom!


This is hard –and it’s best to take Baby Steps– One baby step at a time!

That’s just about all I can say!  Next week, I think I’ll move to Australia (Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad, day)


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Cheat Day –It wasn’t worth it!

Dee writes:35cdfb5aef716fe1a63e1f697f1fefe9
After nine days of diligently dieting, and losing seven pounds, I decided to eat things I’ve been avoiding last night. I didn’t go crazy all day, but at night I sampled three chicken wings, two beers, two Krispy Kreme donuts and a Philly Cheese Quesadilla. It was pretty fun, I have to admit. The last thing I ate though brought the fun to a screeching halt. I split an order of fried grouper nuggets and the grease felt so foreign to my stomach that I felt the need to get home and jump in bed for the night and I did!   This morning, I felt like the crap that I ate. There was a knot in my stomach that didn’t go away until nearly lunchtime. I knew what my remedy should be and got right back on the healthy eating plan…tofu peach smoothie for breakfast, white bean soup for lunch, and meatballs in red sauce (minus the pasta) for dinner. As I write this, 9:30 pm [watching a donut challenge on Food Network] I feel like my NEW self again. I like my new self and am really loving the way healthy feels.

I have to refer to a previous post by Kevin Deeth about the importance of cheat days and the pathophysiology behind them .  View the post HERE.  But, for the rest of us that don’t really care about the science behind all of this, Dee and I have put into common terms.

I admit that I have felt like Dee as recently as last week!  This weekend at the Binford Farmer’s Market, I helped my friend raise money for the Amani Foundation and ran into Darby Simpson from Simpson Family Farms (SITE HERE)–he’s my go to local farmer  who provides us with quality grass-fed meat and poultry.  He was telling me about his recent Cheat Day –Apparently, he had the same problem as Dee and I–he felt awful!  Isn’t it wonderful how the body can adapt to healthy eating and then make you pay when you cheat.  A dire warning for those starting this lifestyle change–keep the porcelain goddess nearby if you decide to cheat!

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The Addiction Cycle

A few posts ago-we shared Jim Ryser’s success story of overcoming addiction and empowering himself to teach and counsel others.  If you missed that post you can see it HERE.  The cycle is so true.  I don’t think I can honestly think of anyone that doesn’t have addiction to overcome.  Negative thinking, food, chemicals, exercise, self-abuse are only a few that we encounter daily.  Dee has been struggling with her issues with sugar and she writes—



Dee writes:

I’ve been contemplating addiction the past few days, considering the cycle of the way that people deal with emotional discomfort by masking pain through the consumption of _________ (fill in the blank). I have filled my blank in with food. Last night I became so angry at a situation in my home that it took everything in me to not eat or drink. Food (and chemicals) distract us. Even if these crutches of ours are not mind altering, they are always mood altering.

It is easy for me to look at that circle of addiction with alcohol or drugs because I am thankfully not addicted to those things. I see that people feel pain, use things to not feel pain temporarily, physical effects wear off, pain comes back, need for another drink/dose. The routine never stops until the issue is worked through and dealt with in a more healthy and productive manner.

But then I look at my addiction, which is food, and because this is closer to home, it’s hard to see as clearly how to break the chain. One technique that I think works for many people is to write down their emotions and food-related impulses. This one for me last night was clear as could be. I was about to go to sleep and didn’t feel the least bit hungry. After the chaos subsided a bit, I walked into the kitchen for the sole purpose of finding the worst possible food choice on hand to consume quickly and mindlessly. Thankfully, I realized the irrelevance of how eating would make me happy and I turned myself around. What did make me happy, this morning, was seeing an overall seven pound weight loss on the scale for the month of August.

This long-term reward will ultimately be more gratifying that a bag of Doritos would have been last night.

For more pearls from Dee visit her site HERE

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Roller Coasters are Fun but YoYo Diets are Not

Thanks to Dee for sharing a very important point—

Diet should not be a hobby.


So many times we go head on into a diet to lose weight based on willpower and determination.  We do well for a while and since we’ve  chosen a habit that isn’t sustainable, we fall back off the wagon only to gain the weight back.  It is so much better to focus on changing one small habit at a time.  Pick one little thing to change at a time.  Start by drinking more water, eliminating soda, or adding breakfast into your routine.  Those aren’t overwhelming and are certainly sustainable changes once they are accomplished.  Then after it becomes a regular habit, it’s time to pick the next small step.  Soon enough, the well deserved side effect of effective weight loss ensues.


Dee shares:

Vintage YoYo's

Vintage YoYo’s


Roller coasters are fun!

Metaphorically speaking that is. I am not an amusement park roller coaster fan at all. I’m a chicken. There is nothing about a churned stomach and reckless body motion that is at all amusing to me. Control issues perhaps.

But a diet roller coaster is really not bad — provided that you end up on the ground with the ride is over. Some people diet by weighing themselves every day. I do, because it’s kind of fun to see how scientific the numbers can be. For example, I have been steadily losing a bit of weight all week. Yesterday, after getting to my 1200 calorie limit and not eating more until bed time, I blew it and ate a piece of pepperoni pizza at 11:00 pm. It was homemade and I served it to the kids for dinner without even trying it. But as I was cleaning the kitchen before going to sleep the pizza jumped off the counter and into my mouth. There was nothing I could do. It wasn’t my fault.

Sure enough, I woke up knowing that this morning’s scale would not show a smaller number but a larger number. The number went from 181.5 yesterday to 182.5 today. Bummer! But, overall, my weight has gone from 187.5 last Thursday to 182.5 today. You can’t let a single scale reading count for much. It’s the big picture that counts. AND, don’t let great results let you think you can slack either. That’s the mistake I made at the end of February when I had lost 20 pounds in two months. I thought I could relax on the diet for a while. That “while” ended up being five months and the return of ten of the pounds I lost.  Having chosen a habit that isn’t sustainable, we fall back off the wagon only to gain the weight back.

For more of Dee’s journey visit her  SITE




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Ten Steps to Better Health

Dee’s Update:

There are thousands of diets, with a thousand different strategies for how to reach the goal of optimum weight and physical health via exercise and nutrition. Because people are different with so many variables on how much physical activity they get in a day, age, bone structure, height, blood type, chemistry, there could not possibly be one solution that fits every person.

It is important, instead, to look at the most successful weight loss programs to see what they have in common. After that, each person can start with these tried and true fundamentals and modify them to keep whatever works and change the parts that don’t. Throughout the past few months I have volunteered myself to be a human experiment and I’ve assembled the top ten things that I’ve found to have worked when implemented. Start with one or two things on the list. After three or four days, add another. The scientific statement about “it takes 21 days to form a new habit” is actually an unfounded fallacy. New habits really take quite a bit longer to become ingrained to where they are second nature. The good news is that it takes one day to make up your mind to change your routine to incorporate good choices. For example, let’s say you usually drink a glass of orange juice every morning while you’re getting ready for work/school. If you decide today to substitute your OJ for water and an apple, you have just changed your habit. It will take a while for that change to feel like an automatic tendency, but when your refrigerator is full of whole fruit instead of bottled juice you will have some reinforcement to rely upon.
In no particular order, here are my top ten recommendations:
  1. Eat veggies at every meal
  2. Drink three 16 ounce glasses of water before each meal
  3. Don’t skip breakfast
  4. Don’t eat too few calories
  5. Eliminate sugars and starches
  6. Plan, plan, plan – think ahead
  7. Learn to be OK with hunger
  8. Eat to live instead of living to eat
  9. Find someone to partner with
  10. Cut out fried everything (see below)
OK, about number 10. This may be the hardest one to implement. Fried food simply tastes great. Growing up in the 70s with a Southern Baptist family, my mother fried everything from pork chops to potatoes to green beans. We used to cook with lard and bacon grease so it’s in my genes. As impossible as it sounds, cutting out foods can be done. Don’t tell yourself you can never eat it again; just know that eating fried food (and any fast food) has to be the exception not the rule. Fried food is not only unhealthy because of the amount of fat and calories, but usually the food itself (potatoes, hamburger, dough) is low on a nutrition scale. Equally important is the reduction of processed foods. Health benefits are found abundantly in whole foods, produce and grains in their most natural form.


For more on Dee’s journey to better health–visit

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What is a GMO?

Here is Christa Orecchio from The Whole Journey giving some information about “What is a GMO?”

And here is the trailer to the fabulous documentary “Genetic Roulette”

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