So this happened—

Maybe the full moon is making me crazy or I’m flat-out insane and haven’t come to full self-realization because tonight’s Kroger excursion resulted in $120 worth of legitimate poison for my children.  No different from injecting them with heroin, I literally bought so many processed/carb/sugar-laden foods I could have put a diabetic into a coma.  I’m definitely not headed for mother of the year.   Sidney(16) has already decided that I could possibly be one of the dumbest humans on Earth and am destined to ruin her life–so what did I really have to lose by buying her exactly what she wanted? It was a massive parenting fail — similar to that newborn cat-like scream she belted as she almost tumbled to the floor one of those first nights home from the hospital at 2 am.    No – that never happened!

I have come up with 3 reasons for my temporary insanity :

  1.  I’ve spent so much time preaching to patients and trying to work on my own diet that I have nothing left to give to my own family (geez that doesn’t sound like good judgement and reasoning)
  2.  I just don’t give a shit anymore!
  3. Or — I am so busy running between work, Emma’s softball practice, Sid’s band practice, and the usual laundry/cleaning etc– that I’m completely spent.   DING DING DING

Yep –I didn’t meal plan this weekend.  I caved into convenience when I got the text from Sidney complaining that we had NOOOOO FOOD in the house.  She wanted:

Wheat Thins

Goldfish Crackers

Tostitos with Nacho cheese and Salsa

Lucky Charms

String Cheese


Frozen Pizza

Pringles (cheddar cheese flavor)

Yep –I bought every single one of those GMO-laden processed foods and will serve them to the most important people in my life just to get that “good mom” card.   I feel terrible.  I won’t eat them but how can I serve them to my girls with a clear conscious?  I won’t –but I will this guilty and remorseful moment remind myself  that even though I preach healthy eating 24/7 like I am authentic–I’m not!  I’m no different from you (probably way worse).  This leads me to my brainstormed solution that I just came up with —–Meal prep —

This is my plan for next week —

Breakfast— it’s a play on the Panera egg white/avocado/spinach sandwich –sans the bread since I’m gluten-free IMG_4759

Lunch – I will pack some PB/J for Emma on gluten-free bread (she doesn’t know) along with fruit and some nuts or seeds —-with water or all natural fruit juice.

Dinner– some organic pastured chicken/wild caught fish/ or grass-fed meat with 2-3 veggies.

That’s about as good as it gets right now for our family.  I’m not a blogger that does bento box style vegan lunches for the kids –I wish I was more like that  pinterest savvy, Food Network Giada look-alike mom—- but that’s not me — or you I am guessing.

It’s baby steps –right?

In the comments below—let me know your tips to getting healthy meals on the table?  I’ll take any advice you have–

Or better yet, share the epic fails you have made because we are all in this together!

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8 Responses to So this happened—

  1. Sandy Doell

    I was thinking it was pain and steroids making me want (and go ahead and buy) Dr. Pepper and M&Ms. I haven’t quite caved and gone out for McDonald’s, but it’s in the back of my mind for sure.
    A few days ago I was eating ice cream out of the carton too.
    This is not gluten-free, low carb/high fat, anti-inflammatory, considering eliminating nightshades me.
    It’s the weather.

    • Angela

      It may have been the full moon as well! LOL–I think it is the pain and it’s really hard to focus on this kinda stuff when you feel like crap! I know you are exhausted from not feeling good! It’s these times that make us appreciate good health I suppose. I’ll try and put a Pollyanna spin on it too! Sending you all the best positive energy that I have!

  2. Cheryl Wilson

    Funny…but true post. Unfortunately we are all human;don’t look bad. You don’t drive the car looking in the rear view mirror. Life is in front of us day by day.
    A suggestion for healthy eating I heard in a podcast: to minimize prep time, batch cook or at least prepare all/most veggies on a weekend day; wash everything, line it up and chop away. Another blog suggested prep/cook once and eat 3 times.

    • Angela

      Cheryl- Great suggestions! I think Sunday afternoon is a great time for meal prep. Emma likes to get involved and that is a good time for her to help do some chopping!!

  3. Sharon Krnc

    First of all stop beating yourself up. I can’t imagine how you keep up day today in the first place! It’s perfectly human that at some point you are going to just cave! I would say that your 16 year old daughter is old enough to make her own decisions… Maybe if she wants to eat those things she may have to pay for them herself… Just a thought. My five year old granddaughter knows that too much milk and too many carbs make her constipated… She loves those things but will actually say no at some point! Maybe if your kids start feeling the ill effects of nunk food after they have eaten healthy for a while it will occur to them that they are not doing themselves any favors… Hang in there! You are setting a great example for them! And that’s the most we can do as parents!

    • Angela

      You are right!! They will get it in time. I think about how I felt about food at that age and I just didn’t have the depth to grasp the importance of healthy eating—geez — It took me 30 plus years to even start thinking about it. Thanks for the advice and support!

  4. Jody

    Amen sista! I hear you loud and clear.


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