Why is Candy Crush Addicting?

I had to do this post because I was determined to find out why I was wasting time playing a stupid game on my phone and burning precious time!  Apparently I am suffering from an addiction no different from sugar, drugs, porn etc.  See there is a biochemical reason that we get hooked on these ridiculous games–they are engineered to suck us in and aren’t really any different from the WHEAT and SUGAR that activates our opioid receptors in our brain.  Let’s just pray that Candy Crush isn’t my gateway drug to something more!!!!

Here is why we get so hooked!ff7ea7b56924b1dd389dd4ccbc6fc0cb


1.  The colors and graphics activate our brain’s reward system.  Creating patterns of three and being rewarded with zings and popping sounds encourages us to keep playing

2.  They create the opening rounds really easy and this triggers your brain to release mini-shots of dopamine (the feel good hormone).

3.  Once we get sucked into craving dopamine –we start the anticipation of wondering if we can get to the next level. This stimulates our problem solving, memory and spatial recognition.

4.  Here is where they get us—-we are desperate to get to the next level and actually consider paying 99 cents for extra lives.  They also encourage us to continue on by allowing us to share lives with friends on social media.


The real point is that we all have addictions that aren’t really our fault.  These games, foods, drinks, and practices are all based on activating our “feel good” hormones in our brains.  That being said, I am working on focusing on finding ways to calm my mind with a more productive passion.  Exercise, Diet, Meditation, Love, Compassion—all can produce the same effects—Baby Steps!

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5 Responses to Why is Candy Crush Addicting?

  1. Cheryl Wilson

    Thank you for this post. I will be forwarding it to nameless family members since they seem addicted to Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda, Bubble Wich, etc. A book looks more fascinating to me….but they devote 100% attention to these games, talk about these games, etc.

  2. kimberly

    Not true lol its calming to me…

  3. Gene

    I find this fascinating stuff! The game had me in it’s clever vise grip until getting stuck on a couple of levels for extended periods. Being really cheap, I refuse to pay the 99 cents so my interest in the game waned. Also not knowing it was a good thing, having turned off the sound probably helped.

  4. Sandy

    Maybe this information would be helpful to people trying to break other addictions. When I stopped smoking many years ago, I replaced the addiction with needlework to keep my hands busy.
    I think Candy Crush might work in the same way I used crochet and embroidery, and it would provide a nice dose of dopamine as well.

    • Angela

      I agree Sandy—I know that when I am really stressed out –I will sometimes take 15 min before going home from work to detox and numb my mind playing it. It beats lighting up a smoke or taking a drink to relax. That being said, it’s probably better to meditate or exercise, but as I always say–Baby Steps—You have to find something sustainable and if Candy Crush helps –by all means use it. It isn’t hurting anyone and certainly isn’t causing harm to your body.


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