Practical Paleo

OK –This is a phenomenal book!  I picked it up at Target while shopping for back to school supplies and haven’t put it down since.  This guide gives you some amazing recipes, information on pale diets, and really explains the fundamental leaky gut concepts.  I’ll admit that I paid upwards of FORTY dollars for it at Target and am kicking myself for not ordering it.

Check it out!

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  1. Cheryl Wilson

    Costco has some good Paleo books. This summer you sent a link to the Detox Summit and now Dr. Deanna Minich is doing a 21 day Detox. Gene and I are doing this program. Introductory work started Sept 4 and actual diet Sept 8th-29th. The first couple speakers and material have been excellent.

    • Angela

      Keep me posted on how it goes! I am going to do Sarah Gottfried’s detox challenge coming up –Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Cheryl Wilson

    The support with Dr. Minich’s Detox to date has been excellent: daily interviews with experts on subjects such as mental detox with Hugo Cory, with Dr. John Principe from Palos Altos, Illinois on wellness/salads, and a motion one that I have yet to listen to today. Also a private Facebook page that is extremely active with specific questions, suggestions, monitored by someone daily from Dr. Minich’s office/organization, a notebook of info as well as journal pages that begin tomorrow, 4 hour long webinar phone calls. If I understand it correctly, there are more than 2000 worldwide participants–South Africa as she could not obtain some of the suggested ingredient, Qutar, etc. Thank you for sending the original Detox Summit link.


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