What Supplements Should I Take?

Many of you have been in for your annual physical this last year and have been instructed to start the following supplements.  You also got a boatload of homework assignments and reading material about healthy eating.  (Sorry about that–I treat insomnia too!) After some trial and error, a lot of research, and some penny-pinching–these are the supplements in my medicine cabinet right now.  Please leave comments on this post on any of these you have tried and any others you would recommend.  We are all in this together!!

Blue Ice Royal

Butter oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend (add omega 3 fatty acids)

Ortho Molecular Products

Vitamin K2 with D3  (for hormonal and bone health)

For more info on Vitamin K2 –check HERE

Magnesium Glycinate (stabilize the calcium in your body)

For more info on Magnesium check HERE

Probiotics (Re-colonize your gut with good bacteria)

VSL #3


For more info on probiotics check HERE


There you go;  I practice what I preach and take these every day.  They are expensive and when I think I can’t afford them;  I try and remember that cancer can’t be cheap!


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5 Responses to What Supplements Should I Take?

  1. susan

    hi angela,
    when is the best time to take your probiotics – morning or night? and do you have to take prebiotics as well?

    • Angela

      Susan–Personally, I think taking the probiotics at night is a great time to let those good bacteria set up camp in your gut. I think prebiotics are helpful as well before meals –I like the Woman zyme brand–Hope that helps

      • susan

        thank you so much –

  2. suzy nielsen

    Do you recommend. a probiotic for a 6 week old baby? I am asking for Whitney’s baby

    • Angela

      Suzy — this is a great article regarding probiotics and dosing in newborns–It gives dosing and which strains to look for as well as how many colony forming units that your gorgeous granddaughter will need.



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