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juicingHere is a quick unsolicited testimonial on how important nutrition is to health!  Thanks to a dear friend for allowing me to share his story.


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Over the past year, I have come to realize how important nutrition is to my body. About three years ago I started feeling awful nearly every day. It got worse and worse and I finally went to my doctor and described the symptoms. He sent me in for a CAT scan of my head and neck and a week later dropped the bomb on me. I had Multiple Sclerosis. An MRI and lumbar puncture confirmed it. I met with my neurologist and he gave me information on drug injection therapy, but never once mentioned nutrition. I began reading posts about MS and nutrition and talked to a man in Florida that was near suicidal with MS pain at one time. No drug therapy worked and he was about to end his own life from the constant pain. He could barely walk and his hand and arms trembled so badly every day.

His wife convinced him to start pounding his body with nutrition. He began juicing 5-8 veggies and drinking Monavie every day. Over the next 90 days he started to heal and now 2 years later, continuing this diet along with exercise, he walks 18 holes of golf and is 95% normal.

About the time I heard of this, someone very special to me (Kathy C) introduced me to a few Netflix videos. I watched them over and over and it all finally clicked! I began discussing this with my good friend Dave S and as a PhD research scientist, I figured I’d introduce the concept and listen to his opinion. He watched them and read and came back with “I’m going to try it”. He bought an Omega 8000 juicer after much research and began juicing. He lost over 20 lbs in about 2-3 weeks and simply felt SO much better.

I logged on Amazon and bought my Omega 8000 and began juicing that week. Wow, the first 3 days were hard. I did supplement with fish, brown rice and beans and some hard veggies, but for the most part, I just drank the green juice. I felt lousy for 3 days as my body was detoxing. About day 4 I started to get this “high” and started feeling better. It’s been a few months and I feel GREAT! I struggle to keep weigh ON… and know if this was a drug, I could make millions. Instead I simply did this… I started telling people my story and hence the reason for this page. I now directly or indirectly know of over 30 people who now juice because of the Pay it Forward advice I’ve given (and been given) and I just ask you pass this on. Feel free to repost this page and share your comments.

If you are serious about feeling better, here is what you need to do:

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Watch on NetFlix in this order
5. Buy a juicer and PLEASE only buy an auger based, masticating juicer like the Omega 8005. The Jack LaLanne juicers and such are Centrifugal, while much faster and fine for fruit, do a terrible job on the 2 most important veggies, Kale and Spinach. The slow / auger based technology maximizes the juice extracted. Last week we did a side by side comparison and it was comical the difference in efficiencies. You can get the Omega on Amazon for about $260. I’ve never found it in a retail store.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
2. Dying to Have Known (also on YouTube)
3. The Gerson Miracle (also on YouTube)
4. The Beautiful Truth (also on YouTube)

This page explains the differences in juicers:

6. Find a local grocer that provides fresh produce and buy organic when you can. I’ve posted what I juice and what works for me. I plan to start changing it up soon. This post shows so many great foods to juice.


7. Start drinking… esp on an empty stomach in the morning. You will quickly find it’s a great substitute for caffeine. If you plan on doing a juice fast, consult your doctor. Try to drink it within hours of juicing, but if left in the fridge, keep in an air tight container to reduce oxidation. Never go more than 2 days in the fridge. I juice every evening so it’s cold and ready for me in the am.

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