What is a GMO?

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the product of a lab process that takes genes from on species and inserts them into another species to attain a desired trait.  Viruses or bacteria are used to infect animal or plant cells with the new DNA.  The DNA is coated with tiny metal pellets and shot into the cells.  Then, the new DNA is injected into fertilized eggs and electric shocks create holes in the membranes of sperm forcing the new DNA into the holes.  Although, no research on humans has shown detrimental effects from eating GMO foods, numerous studies on animals have shown immune damage, pre-cancerous cell growth and many unexplained anomalies.

4 Tips to avoiding GMO

1.  Buy organic–labels saying 100% organic or made with organic ingredients

2.  Buy Non GMO–labels saying “artificial hormone free”

3.  Avoid high risk ingredients–corn, soybean, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, corn syrup

4.  Download shopping guide and get the app “ShopNoGMO”—a great app with plenty of good information and specific products to avoid.

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  1. Barbara Roy

    I am trying to download ShopNoGmo app. and a message is given from the itunes store that the app is no longer available in the US but only in the Nigerien store. Something seems wrong with the direction that this highly-touted app is taking, in that it is longer available to USA market. I wonder if the app and its information has also disappeared from those who already have it installed? Do you have any other suggestions for alternative apps?

    • Angela

      I’ll check into it! Anybody else having trouble with that App?


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