Comfortably Numb

So today I had the task of repainting our children’s bathroom.  Gone are the days of cute little ducks and frogs that evolved to hot pink stripes and unfortunate remnants of blue hair dying slumber parties gone bad.  Today I was forced to paint a mature face on this memory filled bathroom in anticipation of selling our home this Spring.  It is a mundane chore in which I find less than zero excitement.  First, because  I am a horrid painter.  And second, because I have no patience.  I am sure that a completely bored five-year old spilling cans of paint, talking incessantly, and trying to paint the dog-played no role in the matter.  Emma was kidnapped by my wonderful cousin for a few hours of kid play and I had some time alone in my own head.  This monotonous task devoid interruption left me with some uncluttered mindfulness.  I came to this conclusion.  We can control our diet and what we put in our bodies–the bigger issue is controlling what thoughts we allow into our heads.  Mindset is key–and the moments we have to really clear our minds and set our motivation are way to far and few.  Today is Groundhog’s day–the end of January, a time for the excitement of upcoming springtime, and the unfortunate memory of Bill Murray’s exhausting movie (Groundhog Day) reminding us that it only takes tiny choices to make changes in outcome.

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  1. Polly

    loved your message. we named our Catalina 25 Sailboat Comfortably Numb…initally for sweet memories involving a Pink Floyd song and evolving into memories of jsut letting the wind carry you.

  2. Dee

    Love this! I’ve just reached a 16 pound weight loss goal since the beginning of the year and I’ve found that it’s really a game of mind over matter. Eating healthier foods is not hard. The hard part has been not believing the lies my brain tells my body, such as “eat more or you’ll starve to death, no one can live a day without cheese, bacon is good for me (Google that episode of Wife Swap if you haven’t seen it.) Love your site Dr. Angela!


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