Forty is the New Thirty

So I hit the big 40 yesterday!  I thought I would be depressed and sad.  Instead, I was thrilled!  With age comes experience, with experience comes wisdom, and with wisdom –confidence.  My crazy office family welcomed me with quite a production!  Then, I spent the evening with my beautiful family!  I have to laugh at their choice of posters to harass me with!  My poor friends and family are so sick of hearing me rant about eating healthy that they chose to really get me back!  They even made me eat fried chicken and brownies!  And yes, I felt kinda sick after.  When you walk the health food path for a while–you don’t miss the bad stuff.  Thanks to Kevin Deeth for the concept of the Cheat day because I can completely appreciate it now!  And thank you to all my friends and family for continuing to support my dream!  If you believe it–you can do it.  No matter how crazy anyone thinks you are!


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  1. brian mccloskey

    I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking of ways to better educate my female college athletes about how to FUEL themselves the right way.
    With daughters of my own, i know the battle well. It’s especially frustrating to see how pervasively the food industry tries to market themselves as something they clearly are not: healthy.
    I’m looking forward to following and reading more of your blog. I’ve exchanged some information with Kevin Deeth as well regarding fueling college athletes. There is still a lot of information that isn’t reaching our kids/athletes today, but it’s a battle worth fighting.
    After all, health is the only thing that matters when you get right down to it, because we can’t share with our loved ones without it.

    • Angela

      Thanks Brian! We have to continue to try and get the word out there! I am shocked that I have practiced medicine for 12 years and have been so uneducated and ignorant about food and food additives. Keep up what you are doing!!! Kevin is awesome–he really knows his stuff!


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