Thanks Dee–sometimes we have to let go of the plans we have in mind for the day and just let life be the journey that it can be–it’s not easy but we have to take care of ourselves!  Life never goes as we plan it!  If we worry about the trashed house, we just trash our own minds!  Take care of  you!  



Today has been quite peaceful, in an unusual way. We had a couple of extra kids sleep over so I made big plates of pancakes, cleaned up. Started a pot roast in the crock pot, read a quarter of Catching Fire (after reading The Hunger Games in the last two days, then went to the grocery twice and ended up with dirty dishes spread from one end of the kitchen to the other. The peaceful part of the day was that I let the messes come and go, from good to bad then spotless again. Kids came and went throughout the day too and I managed to sit in a rocking chair for a couple of hours straight while my house was trashed and read — without needing to clean it all up first. My family knows this is very unlike me, it was fun. We had “Family Dinner #2” and everything is washed and stowed away. I’m going back to read more.

About the wellness blog: wellness is so much more than food. It’s about balance, wellness in spirit and body and mind. You’ve heard me mention throughout these weeks that when my emotions are wrecked, my good intentions for healthy food are derailed as well. I’m glad to report that I am eating the right things, avoiding junk food and happy about approaching this project with a well-rounded objective.

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