Simply Become Who You Are!


Over 90% of disease in the United States is caused by our diet. Our kid’s generation is the first one that will not outlive their parents! Childhood obesity is on the rise and most of us really aren’t living the lives we envisioned. Simply become who you are and learn the trick to living how you want to and feeling good. Please watch this video and decide what you think!

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  1. Marti Edwards

    I watched the trailer 11/29/11. The entire movie 11/30 and went to the store immediately to restock my personal fridge. I quite refine processed anything and switched to vegan overnight. Since I’ve been vegetarian before I didn’t expect it to be much of a challenge. But it is. I’m reading labels, menu nutrition, etc.

    I’ve discovered cheese is terrible for my body. I get gas, diarrhea, stomach pain/cramping etc. I have found vegan alternatives to almost every food I love.

    I started out weighing 303.8. I’m down 15 lbs. I have cut my daily dose of fibromyalgia medicine in half and have begun a light exercise program. FOK and Dr. Henriksen are changing my life!!

  2. Donna

    That was a great movie. Would it ever be allowed in a public school’s Health Class?

    Seems like the retraining we need should start early when life-long habits are formed, but what are the chances of information like this being freely offered to young minds?


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