Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Here's a throwback post that is certainly appropriate for this October weekend.  This smoothie matches the season and will be a great way to start the lovely fall day. Thanks to Smoothie Queen Amy for this great recipe I can't wait Read more

Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread So I have been struggling with gluten-free baking because honestly -- I've never been good at baking!!  Then when I try to modify recipes using flours I'm not familiar with, it just makes  a perfect storm of Read more

When Should I Take My Supplements?

If you are like me -- you are just starting to realize why it is important to add supplements to your diet.  Even if we are eating a clean, healthy and unprocessed diet;  the mineral content of the soil Read more

Magnesium-the unloved mineral

Do you remember watching Wild Kingdom as a kid?  Did you happen to notice that the animals attacking their prey would immediately eat the organ meats.  I never really thought about why until I listened to Morley Robbins explain the Read more

More Homemade Salad Dressings

Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp local honey 1/3 cup blackberries   Process all the ingredients together in a blender and then season with ground pepper and sea salt The beauty of this recipe Read more

Healthy Mayo and Ranch Dressing

This stuff is a must -- If you read labels these days you will be hard pressed to find a mayonnaise or salad dressing that doesn't contain some type of vegetable oil.  Even the commercial mayos that advertise to Read more

Sherry's Story

Sherry has a great story.  She has been diabetic for years and she has made some massive changes!   "I have been on a lifestyle change. It has been a year following a ketogenic food plan.  When I started this journey Read more

Tara's Story

Tara's Story When I turned 30 years old I weighed in at 348lbs; clothes were getting harder to find and more expensive, and my life was getting difficult to manage. When going out to eat we had to have a Read more

Job Hazards

Dee had a rough day!

Thank you for sharing Dee–we love you!  Hang in there!

Gosh guys, I wish I had a better success story to share with you tonight. When I started this blog last month, I thought I would go through the journey toward healthy eating and that — for better or for worse — I would at least commit to being real with you. Today I regret to inform you that I really feel like I’m failing more than winning. I had an 11-hour work day today which included two catered events at the college I work for. The photo you are looking at was my dinner tonight. It’s a Cuban sandwich, Fritos and a Diet Coke. In addition to the food I photographed, I also ate three other sandwiches and two other bags of chips. Because the day was already so messed up, I stopped at my daughter’s work and had an order of queso, chips and Dos Equis. As I was driving home, my other daughter texted me that she was hungry so I picked up a pizza. You know how the title of my blog is “getting the best of food”? Well, today, food got the best of me. The three slices of pizza was accompanied by two more bottles of really great imported beer and now it’s 11 pm and I don’t have much to write except an apology. Let me just ask this, if anyone reads this and can start to comment on wins, losses, successes, I would love to hear from you. (J&A, thanks for your notes!)

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Food additives: Read the Label Part 1/10

Now that I have sparked your curiosity by telling you the true story of a food additive allergy (See blog “When I let go of who I am…), I am starting a 10 part series on Food Additives and the health consequences that accompany them.

I am starting my favorite obvious offender Red Dye # 40 because I have seen this mutant troll ruin the lifes of an undeserving woman and her family for 7 years!   This devious bandit is hiding undercover in more foods than you can possibly imagine, including something that I am serving my family for dinner tonight, Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Red Dye #40 debilitates the immune system -I  believe it’s the Michael Jordan of disease-causing  food additives.

Food coloring dates back to Ancient Egyptian writings as early as 1500BC.  In the late 1800’s chemically synthesized color additives were derived from coal and metal based compounds and actually contained some poisons (arsenic).  They used color to mask poor product and spoiled stock  from improper storage technology.  Documented injury and death from the tainted colorants demanded the necessity for “The Pure Food and Drug Act” passed in 1906.  This Act allowed the government to scrutinize the use of color additives.

By 1938, the FDA had successfully brought colorants  under stricter control by naming and assigning numbers to them. F for food use, D for drug use, and C for cosmetic use.  Hence Red Dye # 40 (FDC)  is the most commonly used food, drug, and cosmetic additive.  3 million pounds of this dye were manufactured in the year 1992 alone.   Today, it is by far the most commonly used colorant and hence–my new nemesis.  I will say that FDC yellow # 5, the second most commonly used dye,  will be put on hold because of its marriage Diet Mtn Dew, (my personal Bad Romance”).  Yellow Dye #5 causes adrenal tumors in rats!  More to come, I’ll have to go to an  AA  meeting or take abusive relationship course before I face the reality that I am emotionally dependant on this toxic relationship.  “Hi everyone, I’m Angela, and I’m a Diet Mtn. Dewaholic”  The first step is acceptance.

Next blog if you are interested:  The Foods that Contain Red Dye # 40 —Warning, it will be painful.


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Sweet Tooth!

Thanks Dee!

Unlike a lot of women I meet, I am fortunate in not having a sweet tooth. My husband got the sweet tooth in our family. I can generally walk by a plate of cookies all weekend without much temptation to eat one. I do have another weakness. I’ve been known to eat the crispy-salty chicken skin off of everyone’s chicken before it gets to the table. And I’ve had periods of time where I popped and ate a whole bag of microwave popcorn by myself at night. My sister recommended kosher salt on edamame as a salty substitute. Sometimes it works but sometimes not. Here is one thing I’ve learned about good days and bad days in eating well. If I manage to walk by the cookies and refrain from grabbing a couple of cheese puffs, I can manage to stay strong all day and night. But once I let myself slip a little bit — thinking I’ll just eat one Lay’s potato chip or a quarter of a brownie — I’m a goner. Here’s the good part to that: I can also keep a good thing going once I start my day off with flavorful fruits, fun salads and crunchy veggie combinations. Having other people in my house that have very different eating habits is definitely a huge hurdle to jump. I don’t buy bags of chips or snacks, but my husband does, with dip. He also brings home cakes and pastries and fires up the deep fryer at 10 pm to toss in some Buffalo wings. Dieting is hard enough when you don’t have people around who unintentionally sabotage your best day’s work. I guess that’s life though. Lots of women my age are consumed by diets and weight and appearance. We all want it to be easy and it’s not. Still, I have no doubt that it’s going to be worth all of the hard work. I’m not sticking to the plan as 100% perfectly as I would hope, but I’m moving in the right direction. When tempted, remember to just say no!


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Drink Water!

Yes, thirst can very well be mistaken for water. One great tip for eating less is to drink a glass of water before each meal. In general, adults should drink about eight glasses of water a day. It’s harder than you’d think. I’ve never managed to drink my daily allotment of water. The best trick I’ve found for this is to drink 16 ounces three times a day…that’s still not enough but much better than no water. Keep an extra large glass at home and at work to fill and “chug” in the morning, at lunchtime or throughout your work day, and then again when you get home. Here is a fun site that gives you some tips on how to learn to identify your body’s cues for thirst and hunger. Remember that colas, coffee and teas — although made with water — don’t count as water. Many beverages can actually dehydrate your body. Hmm, just typing this today is making me thirsty. I’m going to get a drink and get my big water glass out!

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Wet Your Pants

Tom is a patient of mine, he is in his 60’s and has aspirations of travelling the world now that he is retired from a career of piloting with a company that he worked for over 20 years.  He has one problem.  He is committed to having dialysis 3 times a week and is anxiously awaiting a kidney donor for his end stage renal failure.  He has so much life to live and is confined by his disease.  He literally cannot leave his home without preparations to dialyze and keep phone contact with the kidney transplant team.  Tom is amazing and he annually organizes the DeBord mad dash for my 88yo grandmother who has a mission to get her 40 yo grandchildren to visit their grandfather’s gravesite each Easter.  He executes a detailed, complicated scavenger hunt through the small town of  West Lebanon, IN to hide a clue at the gravesite.  The grandchildren love the tradition and plan to continue it for decades to come.  He is an amazing person that gives back to the people he really loves.  I can’t help but support that mission.

Brian Pearce and his wife are independent film makers that are supporting the local foundation for Kidney disease.  They are hosting a film festival this weekend in Indianapolis in support of Brian’s brother who lost his life to kidney disease. 

The Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival is April 21 and 22, at the Madame Walker Theatre Center in downtown Indianapolis.

They are proud to be screening 27 comedic films from around the world, 10 of which are connected by cast or crew to central Indiana. Many of these films are having their Indianapolis premiere.

Tickets are now on sale. An “All Weekend Pass” gets you into every block of films; “All Day Passes” for Saturday or Sunday are also available. Only have time for a single block? Visit our “Films” page and pick your block. Group tickets are also available at a discount for groups of ten or more. Just call 317-722-5640.

Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival is dedicated to raising money and awareness for kidney disease, which affects thousands of Americans and their families each and every day. The festival began in memory of Steve Pearce who worked diligently to raise awareness of kidney disease before he succumbed to its complications in September of 2009.

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Dee’s Meal Plan

Here is the basic plan I’ve been following for eating healthy. It is working slowly but surely. When I am disciplined, it works very well. When I slack, it slacks.

Breakfast: blend a shake with a non-dairy milk, one cup of fruit (preferably berries) and 1/2 cup of yogurt, Greek is best or non-fat, plain. If you want, substitute whey or hemp powder for the yogurt. You will feel great until lunch.

Lunch: green veggies, lettuce, tomatoes and 4 oz. lean meat or fish. If you choose a salad, be very careful not to use a high calorie dressing. Vinaigrettes are best, about two tablespoons.

Dinner: same as lunch.

Try this diet for a week or two. Remember that you need to drink plenty of water and eliminate, as much as possible, all sugars, flour, dairy, grains, fat, processed food. After the first week or two, you can add in an additional fruit as a snack and you can add back in whole grains in the form of bread or rice…just one serving a day for now. A friend of mine called this diet “vegan with meat.” It basically is. Later I’ll be sure to blog about dairy and hormone-injected meats. Women need to be especially careful when consuming secondhand hormones via milk and meat.

About salads. I’ve been eating a salad for lunch for a couple of weeks now, almost every day. Salads can be very boring, but I’ve learned a couple of things. 1) add chopped peppers, banana pepper rings, use black beans and salsa instead of dressing, use dark greens such as a spring mix, use spinach instead of lettuce; 2) if adding meat to your salad is tricky at lunchtime, add half a can of garbanzo beans, black beans or even navy beans, they are great for protein; 3) even if your salad isn’t as fun as a couple of tacos would be, just eat it and don’t overthink and stress about what you would rather eat. I usually eat my salad while reading something then go back to work. After a few minutes at my desk I realize I’ve had my lunch and am not hungry.

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