Magic Eraser!! For my face??? Really?

I remember when I first saw the advertisement for Mr Clean’s Magic Eraser on TV —I was pumped and I actually ran out a bought some.  To my surprise they did really work!  I even found on PINTEREST that I could cut them up and put them in my toilets to keep them clean.  (That ended when my husband told me that they were getting stuck and making our toilets run non stop –MY BAD).

So what if there really was a Magic Eraser for all the fine lines and sagging creases on my face?  Sounds too good to be true but I found one!!

Let me first start by saying that I HATE multi-level marketing companies.  I hate being invited to parties and feeling forced to buy a friend’s product.   I’m sick of hearing about Arbonne and Mary Kay and I cringe when I hear that a product is sold that way!  If it’s so great-? why sell it in a shady pyramid scheme?

So imagine how I felt when my friend/coworker Michelle told me that she was using a new product when I told her that her face was glowing and looked amazing.  She proceeded to tell me she was using Nerium that she bought from a friend thru a MLM company.  I wrote it off immediately.

However, I did agree to try it for a week for free on the condition that I would take before and after pictures and give it back after a week had passed.   I also only agreed because it was made from all natural products and is derived from the oleander and aloe vera plants.  It actually was discovered by accident doing research for cancer therapies.  It contains NO PARABENS or GLUTEN —-which as you know, are major toxins and hormone disruptors.

I tried it for that week and was really surprised.  Here are my pics from just 7 days—-and I think you can agree that in just one week—alot of the fine lines seen in the top picture are gone.  My saggy top eyelids actually look a little better (I will admit that I saw a plastic surgeon and it would cost me $5K to fix up those buggers)–so I am sticking with this for the time being in order to avoid botox and surgery—Besides, who has the time to do all that?  I need something quick and easy and this night cream is just that.


Anyway—I just thought I would share this product that I do really like –If you want to learn more about it–you can go to—————–


I promise not to try to oversell or hassle you with any emails etc!!!!  I just think the shit works!

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  1. Sharon Krnc

    Wow that is amazing!! I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this but I have recently become aware that not all sunscreens are “ok”.. after doing a small amount of research it looks like oxybutrin is definitely something to steer clear of but they all seem to have it… could you post a resource that might list “safe” sunscreens to use? Thanks!

    • Angela

      I sure will —I’ll try and get a post up by the weekend!!! Here is a great website that I use alot –you can type in any product and get a rating on the amount of toxic ingredient it contains —scary stuff

  2. Jeannie

    That’s amazing! I actually love MLM and have found they tend to have products that are high quality. I also love that it provides great opportunity for people of all shapes, sizes, educational and income levels to not only earn but also learn a great deal.

    • Angela

      Thanks!!! I’m glad you have had such a positive experience! I actually hadn’t thought about it that way. I signed up so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes—I think I’ve been brainwashed from hearing my parent gripe about AMWAY when I was growing up!!! This product is amazing so I think it’s worth a try.


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