Natural Easter Egg Coloring

This weekend–many families will be dying eggs to celebrate Easter or Springtime!  Thank Goodness the weather is perking up here in Indiana after a dreadful winter.  Here are some natural ways to color those eggs this year!!! The egg is widely used as a symbol of the start of new life, just as new life begins when the chick hatches out of the egg.  One of the oldest traditions is to color eggs to celebrate Easter or springtime.
If your family wants a new and natural way to color eggs, here is how you can do it! First, boil eggs in a small sauce pan of water, add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and then add some of the natural dying material listed below until you get the desired color:
  • Yellow onion skin = yellow
  • Red onion skin = yellowish brown
  • Birch leaves = light green
  • Beetroot peel = brownish-red
  • Blueberries = purple
  • Whole red cabbage leaves = purple
  • Chopped red cabbage leaves = blue
  • Beetroot juice = pinkish-red
You can even use some material that you were going to compost…..HAVE FUN!
Tip: after cooling, rub the eggs with oil and it will make them shiny. Feeling extra creative? Before dying, press little flowers, leaves or any other piece of nature onto the eggs. Put them in a nylon stocking, stretch so it fits tightly around the egg and then tie with a string.  Then, remove the stocking after dying and find a beautiful pattern on the egg.
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