Gluten Free Tips from Superhero Sandy




Here are some more great tips from our very own Superhero Sandy that is the gluten-free goddess

Just a little FYI for those following along—here is a quick recap—Sandy sufferers from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

She has followed my recommendations of going Gluten-free to decrease her autoimmune response which is attacking her body’s own thyroid tissue.  She has already brought her thyroid antibodies down drastically in the last 6 weeks and has lost about 11 lbs just by going Gluten Free!

She shares these tips for us:

Some food tips for the day:


1. If you are going to buy gluten-free bread, buy the white stuff. I’ve always bought whole wheat, 100% whole wheat bread, which is brownish in color. It’s the healthiest of the wheat breads. But when you give up wheat, but still want an occasional slice of some bread-like food substance, buy the white stuff. It’s made mostly with white rice flour. The brown rice flour that makes brownish colored gluten-free bread does not result in nearly as good a taste.


2. There’s a place in Speedway called Famous Tomato. I stopped there yesterday because I was drawn by the large display of tomatoes out front. I bought two tomatoes, one a vine ripe tomato from Kentucky, the other simply billed as an “heirloom tomato.” I just sliced that heirloom one for dinner tonight, and Oh.My.God. Best tomato I’ve eaten in the past 30 years.


They had dozens of tomato choices from yellow to pineapple to just regular old tomatoes.


Found them on Yelp, here:


They also have a whole wall of hot sauces to choose from and a really good-looking salad bar. All I bought on my first foray was a cantaloupe and those two tomatoes, but I plan to go back.


Famous Tomato
Farmers Market in Indianapolis, IN




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