“Fat, sick, and nearly dead”


Watch this trailer, It really defines what is causing disease in our country.  If you get inspired to start juicing, there is a great website that gives you some of the basics on buying a juicer and how to start combining and flavoring fruits and vegetables.  You can purchase your own copy of Joe Cross’s documentary HERE

You can also pick up an excellent Juicer Buying Guide HERE

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4 Responses to “Fat, sick, and nearly dead”

  1. Jim D

    I really liked this video, I caught it on Hulu a few months ago..

    I dont know if doing a crash juice diet is good, I doubt I could go thru with that. But I do think that eating organically, as much as possible, is a good step on the path to a better you.

    Im told that exercising couldn’t hurt either… We’ll see how I look this spring…

  2. Donna

    I used to juice and loved the product, but I was disappointed in how much of the vegetable I was throwing out. There’s only so much you can do with the remains.

    Carrot juice, for example, was my favorite but when the pulp kept getting tossed, I finally decided to going back to eating the carrot and not juicing it.

    Maybe juicers are better now at extraction; I’ve not tried it lately.

    • Angela

      It seems that the juicers are much more advanced now and that they have specialized masticating juicers that use more of the vegetable. I’ll do a post on them when I research them more. Thanks for the comment

  3. Roger

    Thank you for posting the preview. It looks inspiring and instructive. I’m going to hunt down the documentary and who knows, maybe become a juicer.


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