Who do you believe?

So a really interesting topic came up yesterday after the WTHR Health Expo. A few nurses in my office were discussing all of the conflicting advice that they received at the Expo. Some booths offered holistic healing ideas, some had supplements, some had procedures ETC. They even heard demonstrations stating that there isn’t a difference between natural,organic products versus non-organic/processed products. This raises an interesting question. Who do you believe? I opened an email from the Natural News today that addressed that exact question and I felt it pertinent to share. They wrote an interesting article explaining an easy way to tell the difference between good and evil. It’s about understanding the spectrum of power and making decisions on empowerment versus control.


I don’t want to plagiarise because the key points are obvious:

1. What does the person giving you the information stand to get from it?
2. Does the information benefit you without consequences?
3. Is there monetary gain involved?

I think you can measure a lot of relationships in this fashion.  It’s about straight up good versus evil. Trust your gut and go with what you feel is right. The person with the tribe that is on the right track–doesn’t really expect much in return for empowering you with good information.874bbe55e42a6801631b1008f4515f33

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  1. Leslee Uryga

    Thank you for the article link!

    This topic is one of the discussions my husband and I have all the time regarding which changes we will make in our lifestyle. There seems to be a proliferation of conflicting views all with what seems like good research backing up their points. And it is difficult to know if you are going the right direction – be it in health, nutrition, fitness or parenting. I am big believer in empowerment and I will be sure to pass this information on during our next discussion. 🙂


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