The Teflon Man

Teflon—the most common source of PFOA is found in non-stick cookware.  It is also found in greaseproof food wrappers and popcorn bags.  Sadly, PFOA has been linked to obesity, cancer, kidney and lung disease.  Yet, I use non-stick cookware every night to cook up some delicious healthy noms for my family.  Scary to think I am actually slowly poisoning them as this PFOA leaches into all their food.  What is even worse is that most of my non-stick cookware is scratched and chipped.  They tell you to throw them away when they get like this but it is damn expensive to buy all new cookware!!!  Surprisingly, when you buy a bird at a pet shop, they tell you to keep your bird away from the non-stick cookware.  I thought that was because you didn’t want bird droppings in your food but it is actually because Teflon kills birds.  EEK!

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