See– Dee is real and still needs shoes!

Ok–I think Dee told you in her first post that she was 49 years old!  Really Dee?????   I don’t know if you guys agree or if I’m insane, but I swear that Dee looks amazing ;   I would never guess her to be 49!  This makes me more excited for Dee because I am  totally pumped to get her some amazing heels to show off her hot body in about 6 months from now.   I plan to fly down to Florida to congratulate her on taking the plunge out of a leap of faith for me!  This whole food diet will transform her and yes, dammit –take another 10-20 years off  of her already youthful image.  I am eating healthy, but my years of Diet Mountain Dew have left me with more wrinkles than Dee has pruned up after soaking in a hot tub for 10 hours.  I guess I will have to do before and after picture as well –then you all can decide if Dr Oz really needs to turn me over to the plastic surgeons!  FYI–that could be a bumpy ride.

Thanks Dee for sharing once again!  The patients and followers of the site are all a buzz about how you are doing and what an amazing woman you  are!  Keep on keeping on!!!


It’s Sunday night, I’m sitting down to write my blog, and I don’t have a story for you. I decided to take my picture. I don’t like taking my picture, but you will need to see it eventually in my before and after shots. And I don’t really have a great wellness story to tell you tonight. I’m feeling a bit tired but just because I started cleaning my house at 9:30 this morning, 10 hours ago. I just sat down for the first time today and feel very relaxed and peaceful. For some reason, a clean house to me goes a long way in making any day a good day. My girls are out with friends for the night, husband is horizontal on the couch and the cat just brought a lizard through her kitty door. I plan to sit down and look through some scrapbooks I made last summer and write some thorough things-to-do lists on my laptop tonight. The most important thing going on in my life right now, is that both of my daughters are about to leave high school in six weeks. The 18 year old is a graduating senior and the 16 year old was accepted into an Early College program that lets her earn her high school diploma concurrently with her AA degree. Neither of them likes high school much, girls are really, really mean. It’s such a different world that teens live in now. Even if they want to avoid the other kids that are giving them a hard time, they can’t. They are connected through Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter and cell phone texts. One quick note about my health quest, I have been walking two miles at the beach and I reached the point where I don’t feel out of breath. That’s a good goal to reach.

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